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Friday, 1 January 2016

Regarding Bhuvan India Post

Bhuvan-IndiaPost : (A Mobile App to geo-tag Post Offices)

Bhuvan IndiaPost App is a user-friendly mobile application which enables to collect and report for geo-tagged of Post Office information on various parameters such as type of post office, name, services offered, delivery status, PIN-code and address.

            This mobile app will provide a platform for controlled crowd sourcing to build spatial database on Bhuvan Geoplatform

Bhuvan Geoplatform  URL for direct App download

                        The App can be downloaded from the above URL and install the same in any version of Android mobile.

                        The user is advised to ensure GPS is switched-on before opening the app.

                         When the app is opened for the first time, the user has to fill his/her profile details. The details provided will be used only for the purpose to identify the source of data and will not be shared with anyone


        "Profile" details to be entered are

        1) User ID (Any ID of your choice)

        2) Your Name with designation

        3) Your Mobile Number and

        4) Your Organisation and Place

            After entering all the details, tap on "Save" and the app will take you to home page automatically.

Step by Step procedure for using the app

The main tasks in this app are

        1) Collecting location information using GPS

        2) Taking Photograph of the location(2-photos)

        3) Adding additional information (Attributes)    of the Post Office

        4) Sending the collected information to Bhuvan IndiaPost server, either immediately or later

Step 1 – GPS Data Collection

        Check for GPS accuracy notification on the top.

        When the accuracy value is less than 10 m and stable (not fluctuating), tap the "GPS" icon to collect the location (Latitude and Longitude) details in the background.

        A confirmation window pops-up with GPS accuracy.

        Tap "OK" if the accuracy is acceptable, otherwise tap "Cancel" to cancel the collection of location data and wait for some more time to get better GPS accuracy.

Ensure that there is a clear sky view for receiving GPS satellite signals.

Step 2 – Photo Capturing

        The app has provision to capture and upload two photographs of the location.

        Tap the "Photo" icon to activate your mobile camera for taking photographs.

        Capture first photograph of the post office from the road.

        Tap on "Photo" icon again to take the second photograph.

        The second photo must represent facilities inside the post office.

        You can preview the photographs taken by tapping the "Preview" icon that appears below the "Photo" icon.

        Provision to enter text about the photographs. Open Preview Close Preview

Step 3 – Feeding Attributes

        The user is expected to upload additional information about the location by tapping "Attribute" icon.

        The information such as post office, its name, services offered, delivery status, PIN-code and address, etc or any other related description about the post office can be uploaded using this option.

Step 4 – Saving & Sending Data

        Once the user is satisfied with the information collected and ready for uploading the information to Bhuvan IndiaPost server,

         User may tap the "Send" icon to upload all the information collected immediately.

        User is advised to ensure that mobile data is switched-on before tapping the "Send" icon.

        The User is advise to wait till for confirmation message appears "Data sent successfully".

Step – 5 (Misc – Instructions)

        In case of non-availability of Internet connectivity, the user is advised to tap "Save" icon. This will store the information collected in the mobile itself.

        Once the Internet connectivity is established, user may follow Step 6 to upload the data to Bhuvan IndiaPost server.

        The Wi-Fi facility of Internet modem (like BSNL at home or office) can also be used to connect for internet facility in the mobile.

Step - 6 (Misc – Instructions)

        In order to upload the saved data to Bhuvan IndiaPost server, user is advised to tap "Manage" icon.

        Then tap "Send Later" icon. This will list the data collected and stored in the mobile.

        Select the data that needs to be uploaded and then tap "Send" icon to upload the data to Bhuvan IndiaPost server.

        Wait for confirmation message "Data sent successfully" appears once the upload is successful.

“Manage” Data

        The app provides facility for the user to manage the data uploaded by the user.

        User can view the sent data and also view any data that failed to upload.

        This will enable user to upload the data again by tapping "Sent Failed" icon.

        Users may note that there is provision to edit attribute value in "Send Later" and "Sent Failed" options.

         User can also view or edit the profile information by tapping "Profile" icon.

        To exit from the software, tap "Exit" icon. 

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