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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Colorful Dress Code for Indian Postal Staff

Colorful Dress Code for Indian Postal Staff to Revamp the Traditional Messaging Trends
BENGALURU: If we glimpse a decade back in the Indian scenario, spotting a dakiya or postmen used to be very generic view in cities. Now, we all depend on emails and other modern day applications for sending any messages. This also reduces manual work scope as sending a letter is more time consuming than an email. Instant messaging is no more personal now; it has been adopted in corporate and public sector as well.

As per Business Insider India, the Indian government recently has stood up with a new plan to reform the postal trend across India. As per the plan, it has been highlighted that the uniform of the postmen and women will be changed to colorful uniforms along with base ball caps.

It has been expected that the change will surely help in bringing the actual importance of posts to foreground. Replacing the age-old Khaki outfit, the new colorful dress makes it more comfortable and also will bolster the post staff. It has also been anticipated that the new corporate makeover for postal department will strengthen it to easily compete with logistics companies.

New changes includes the determination on setting payments similar to that the banks will offer; it comprises almost all banking services except loan and credit card products to retail customers. Here, customers can deposit even up to Rs 1Lakh and transfer money, make payments and buy financial products such as insurance and mutual funds will also be available in the banking service. The new plans for postal stags also include the possible authority to use smartphones and iPads which will be provided by the government.

"The current uniform is a mix of 67% polyester and 33% viscose. It is durable and low-maintenance but extremely uncomfortable in our climate. Also, the material for the upper and lower is the same which is not practical. On a normal day, a postman walks 20-25km with a bag of around 20kg. He needs something more breathable,” was highlighted In Business Insider.

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