LGO EXAM 2015-16 to the cadere of PA/SA from POSTMAN /MAILGUARD and MTS cadere will be held on 31-07-2016

New 7th Pay Calculator

 7th CPC was cleared today by Union Cabinet Ministers. To our utter disappointed it is implemented without any changes. But what we can do? Let's see if our Unions can fight.

But before that let us know how much our pay is increasing and how the pay is calculated.

Note: If you are lazy like me, scroll down directly and use the calculator

1. First multiply your current basic with

a) 2.57 if you are in the pay scale of 5200-20200
b) 2.62 if you are in the pay scale of 9300-34800
c) 2.67 if you are in the pay scale of 15600-39100

all higher grade officers will anyways get much higher salaries so we will not discuss about them here.

Now after multiplying your current basic(including grade pay) see this image below.

Now check your new basic as follows.

My basic is 11510. So if if multiply 11510 with 2.57( i'm in 5200-20200 pay scale with grade pay 2400) i will get 29580.07. Round it off to 29581. Now in the first image in pay band 5200-20200 and in grade pay 2400 column check where we find the next higher figure to 29581.

In my case the new basic will be 29600.

So that is my new basic. = 29600. Lets see my new gross salary.

New Basic = 29600
New DA ( as on 01.01.2016) = 0%
New HRA = 29600x24% = 7104 ( i live in hyderabad , so new hra will be 24%)
New TA = 3600+(3600*0%)=3600(For  Higher TPTA cities like mumbai, delhi, hyderabad etc ta will be 3600+DA and for other cities it will be 1800+DA. TA also depend on our new pay level See TA table below)

So my total gross will be 40304.

My present Gross is 32951.

Hike i am getting is 40304  -  32951 = 7353.

And media is calling this as bonanza, bumper offer, inflation will rise.

For lazy people like me you can directly use the calculator. I don't know who created it but thanks to them.

Calculate your new salary and comment your old and new salaries below.
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